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Hospital Bahagia

Hospital Bahagia (Tanjung Rambutan) Location Map   Address: Tanjung Rambutan
31250 Ulu Kinta
Tel: +605 - 5332 333
Fax: +605 - 5331 350
Beds: 2600
Category: Psychiatric Hospital

Hospital Bahagia located in Tanjung Rambutan, Perak is the largest psychiatric hospital in Malaysia and it is the secondary and tertiary referral center for the northern states of Malaysia. Tanjung Rambutan was first identified as a suitable location for a federal lunatic asylum by Dr W.F. Samuels in 1910. He became the first medical director upon completion of the hospital in 1911.

The entire hospital then consisted of three male wards and one female ward, separated by the hospital kitchen. The hospital was renamed the Central Mental Hospital in 1928 after the medical and nursing facilities were upgraded. The name was changed to Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta in the 1970s because of the negative connotations associated with “mental hospital”.

Due to the scarcity of mental healthcare services in those days, a community psychiatry unit was established. Hospital Bahagia staff conducted psychiatry clinics at public places such as churches, community halls and temples. This led to the establishment of peripheral psychiatric clinics that operated regular office hours for patients whose homes were more than 30km from Hospital Bahagia. The easy availability of these services meant patients could stay in their own homes amidst familiar surroundings while receiving follow-up treatment.

Follow-up services for stable psychiatric patients in primary healthcare centres in Perak began in 1997 in an effort to decentralise mental healthcare services.

Type of treatment available at Hospital Bahagia included:

 • Medications
 • Recovery
 • ET Counseling Psychotherapy
 • Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT)

Hospital Bahagia Facilities:

 • Cafeteria
 • Convenience Stores
 • Library
 • Multipurpose Hall
 • Soccer Field
 • Gymnasium

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